Stayner Vet Muskoka Submerged Hemlock Biscuit

Stayner Vet Muskoka Submerged Hemlock Biscuit

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SOURCE: Muskoka submerged

AGE: Unknown

STAIN: Natural

FINISH: Poly/glass

SPECIAL FEATURES: This large tree was removed from a swamp in Muskoka.

The log was under mud for decades, creating a unique wood structure. The water has leached all the resin from the wood causing a very unstable product.

Special techniques were used to stabilize the wood. This biscuit has very thick annular rings and deep brown colour. Knots and branch outcroppings are also present. The central rotted areas were replaced with a RIVER effect with the depth of layer of water. The reflective coating hi-lights all the features. Designer glass candle cups create a special glow to the center piece. This is a very rare wood product.