Stayner Vet Black Walnut Farmhouse Tray

Stayner Vet Black Walnut Farmhouse Tray

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SOURCE: Simoce County storm damaged BLACK WALNUT tree

AGE: 60-70 yrs

STAIN: Natural

FINISH: Hand rubbed oil----food safe.


SPECIAL FEATURES: The wood is a slab cut of a large branch. The colours are very unusual for this species as there are brown streaks throughout the normal purple heartwood and white sapwood of black walnut. The dark live edges provide contrast to entire piece. There are special END SPLINES that also adds contrast and stability.

The curved end handles are very functional and add to the appearance This tray will be a high light of any party and can be used as an accent piece when not serving food and goodies.

CARE: This tray is made to serve food and MUST NOT BE CUT ON. Keep the tray on a level surface at all times to help prevent warping.