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Starboard SUP with Starboard SUP Foil

Starboard SUP with Starboard SUP Foil



Starboard Sup 

Length: 7'7"

Width: 30"

Ultra-stable board that serves a dual purpose: a winner for those learning and needing a stable and wide platform, yet high performance and progressive board for heavier riders.

Being the longest in the range, the extra length makes it easier to catch waves with speed, making it easier to get up with less pressure required to get the lift.

Starboard Sup Foil 1700

The consistent, versatile wave-riding foil.

It's stable, handles surface breaches smoothly and keeps a consistent speed. As a windsurf foil, it is a super-easy, early take-off foil that's great for freeride and freestyle foiling. Developed together with Abraham Shouse, Maui.