Stayner Vet Muskoka Weathered Beech Sm Stump

Stayner Vet Muskoka Weathered Beech Sm Stump

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FINISH: Poly/glass

SPECIAL FEATURES: Beech trees are being ravaged by a bark fungus, leaving numerous dead standing trees, This dead tree was cut 10 years previously, leaving the stump exposed to water soaking and mold growth. This is a small slab from the stump that was partially rotted. The rotted material was removed leaving a very irregular shaped piece. The colours are spectacular from black mold to a mottled gold/brown mixture.

The glass cups reflects the colours with the poly/glass finish. This is a very unique presentation.

CARE: Clean with a soft/dry cloth. Polish with car or boat wax. The colours will darken as the wood matures.