Stayner Vet Muskoka Beech Stump Hallow

Stayner Vet Muskoka Beech Stump Hallow

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SOURCE: Muskoka BEECH stump

AGE: Unkrown

STAIN: Natural

FINISH; Poly/glass

SPEICAL FEATURES: Beech trees are being ravaged by a bark fungus creating alarge number of dead standing trees. This tree was dead at least 10 yrs prior to cutting. The stump region was rotten with only the sapwood remaining.

The sapwood has no normal beech colouration---water bleaching and mold has creating a very unique patina. The curved shape blends well with candle cup placement. The medial surface is striated from the rotting heartwood leaving a corrugated shape This piece can be used for an accent piece.