Stayner Vet Clarksburg Butternut Skin Centre Piece

Stayner Vet Clarksburg Butternut Skin Centre Piece

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FINISH: Poly/glass brushed

SPECIAL FEATURES: This is from a standing tree which was dead for 10-15 yrs prior to cutting. Butternut is a protected species in Ontario thus any piece is rare and special. The surface contours of this species is quite unique with large areas of curves and grooves. This is the top cut slab of the tree and all the colours and shapes are natural and have not been shaped. Large candle cups have been strategically placed and are well suited for the wood. The surface has striations and colours vary between brown and black. The special finish to set the wood was used and applied to enhance the features. This is a ONE OF A KIND piece and can be used on a table or as an accent piece.

CARE: Clean with a dry/soft cloth. Use a tooth brush for the gooves/ etc.

Polish with car or boat wax if required.

HEALTH/WELLNESS BENEFITS: see reverse side of this sheet.