Muskoka Trails that We Love!

At The Muskoka Store, we love to get outside. One of our favourite things to do outside is explore the beautiful trails of Muskoka.

A great tool for finding trails is and using their map feature to find the trails near you. Check out the trails near Gravenhurst here (note: they don't have every trail, so be sure to check other places).

One of our favourite trails is Hardy Lake Trail. It's around 9km, incredibly scenic and beautiful, has a calm and undisturbed lake in the middle and is quite popular so you will see other Canadians enjoying themselves along the way. (Note: many people bring their dogs as well.)

Some other trails in Muskoka for beautiful views and good times are:

1. Wilson’s Falls Loop - Bracebridge
Length: 4 KM

2. Strawberry Point Trail - Bracebridge
Length: 5 KM

3. Devil’s Gap Trail - Gravenhurst
Length: 6 KM

4. Kahshe Barrens Trail & Kadz Loop - Gravenhurst
Length: 3 KM

5. Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail - near Port Carling
Length: 3 KM

6. Oxtongue Rapids Trail - Lake of Bays
Length: 2 KM

Enjoy the beauty of Muskoka! And if you're in a need of some comfortable clothing for during or after your adventures on the trails, be sure to check out our Muskoka Hoodies (the original Muskoka hoodie).