Inflatable vs. Rigid Paddle Boards

It may surprise you that Inflatable boards are actually more resilient against rocks and hard services than rigid paddle boards. This is because inflatables are softer, so they are "forgiving" when they make contact with a hard surface, but the inflatable board material is also incredibly strong, so it is very hard to tear. 

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Other benefits of Inflatable Paddle Boards include: 

Storage: paddle boards can measure between 10–14 feet, which makes storage difficult. One of the benefits of inflatable is being able to 

Transport: if you have a smaller vehicle that can't fit a rigid board or you want to avoid the hassle of tying your board to a roof rack, an inflatable board does make life a lot easier. Even advantages such as being able to take it on an airplane or hike with it in a backpack are big considerations. 

Resilient: inflatables are more forgiving, which actually makes them more resilient against rocks and hard services—they will bounce off of it instead of scratch, dent or crack.

Or view the video below to hear Q's perspective on Inflatables and why he loves them!


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