Get to know the Hardy Lake Provincial Park Trail

Hardy Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful place to explore! The trail is an excellent activity for you and your family. With different levels of difficulty, Hardy Lake allows you to choose your own adventure! We’ve seen people hike, mountain bike, run, swim and picnic along the trail, so there really is something for everyone!

The Hardy Lake Provincial Park is located in the Muskoka lakes region of Ontario, Canada. Just at Highway 169 east of Torrance. Only 20 minutes away from The Muskoka store, following the Frank Miller Memorial Route. The park does not have facilities to use, but there is one bathroom available.

The best time to visit Hardy Lakes is year round! As everyone knows, Muskoka is the most attractive to visit during summer when the weather is incredible and all the local businesses are open. The “Cottage Season” is usually May long weekend (Victoria Day) to Labour Day in September. We recommend doing the trail during these dates. However, both spring and fall seasons are great for hiking the trail because it will be less crowded. Fall also bring with it the beauty of fall foliage. We hear that snowshoeing Hardy Lake in winter is mesmerizing and come highly recommended, but even we haven’t done that yet!

 What is not allowed?

 Motorized vehicles, on land and water, are not allowed to enter the park. Camping in the territory of Hardy Lake Provincial park is also not allowed. Please note that activities such as canoeing, paddle boarding and kayaking are acceptable, but bringing this equipment inside the park can sometimes be difficult and heavy. If you are feeling adventurous, consider renting or buying an inflatable paddle board from us!

 About the trails:

 There are three trail options to explore within the park. All options have beautiful views, cedar forests and visuals of the Precambrian rock that Muskoka is well-known for.

 Option One: For people who want a more laidback hike, there is a lovely 3km trail that traverses natural shoreline, rocky landscape and forested territories. With moderated difficulty level, this trail is designed for people with basic navigation abilities.

 Option Two: The 7km trail on the South East side passes through the forest and over wetlands to the shore of Lake Muskoka, providing you a breathtaking view of one of Canada's 'big lakes'. This trail can be a little challenging, so you should be prepared to face it with the proper equipment to make your life easier! 

 Option Three: The 8km trail follows the 7km route but has a section that adds a small loop onto the trail to make it 1km longer. Considered to be an intense trail, you should be prepared for it and have some moderate navigation skills, it requires approximately 2-4 hours to be completed but it is worth it!   

 Equipment you should take:

 You should bring essential equipment on every hiking trip to ensure that you have a great time, are comfortable and prepared! The important essentials are:

Summer and Fall: Shorts and shirts.  Winter and Autumn: Hiking pants and jackets

  • Food and water 
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray Repellent
 Water Sports you can practice on the lake:
  •  Stand-up paddle
  • Kayak
  • E-Foil
So what are you waiting for? Enjoy a great Canadian adventure while taking in nature and the beauty of Hardy Lake! This trail is a perfect way to make the best of your weekends and days off with your friends and family! 


And of course, make sure you are always prepared for the Hardy Lake Provincial Park Trail..  

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