Disc Golf Muskoka

As we all know, disc golf is a sport that is taking over in North America. Whether it's because the sport is a more casual and active form of real golf or because it works well with social distancing is not the real question. The important question is where can I play disc golf in Muskoka?

Our top courses are (map below):

1. Dads of Muskoka (also called Verena Acres) in Bracebridge

2. Evergreen Fields in Huntsville 

3. Deerhurst Lakeside AcePlace in Huntsville

But there are a few others. We recommend downloading the UDisc app (for iPhone | for Android) and clicking on the bottom icon "Courses" and searching "Muskoka Lakes, ON" with a 50km distance radius. 

As always, don't forget that The Muskoka Store has been around for 40+ years and we look at ourselves as the "Cottage Dream Shop". You'll be pleased to know we do sell discs for disc golf, supplied by one of the foremost disc golf suppliers in Canada. View our disc golf collection here.