Celebrating Canada Day the Right Way (in 2021)!

Did you know that Canada Day was formerly known as Dominion Day? It doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

While this magical day marks the historic event of Canada gaining independence from Great Britain in 1867, it has become something else today.

It's less about independence and more about widespread displays of Canadian pride in general.

These are some of our favourite Canadian rituals for Canada Day:

1. Show your pride by wearing your red and white!

2. Wave or hoist a Canadian Flag

3. Host a Canada Day celebration or barbecue

4. Decorate your home with Canadian-themed supplies

5. Eat foods that are Canadian such as Maple Syrup, Beaver Tails, Poutine, and Peameal Bacon, to name a few things...

6. Listen to music by Canadian musicians

7. Visit our nation's capital

8. Watch a fireworks display

9. Experience Canada Day in nature ("The Great Canadian Wilderness")

10. Take time to be grateful about living in the best country in the world!

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