Wild Muskoka Botanicals Citrus Roots Bitters

Wild Muskoka Botanicals Citrus Roots Bitters

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Citrus + Roots Bitters

This is our original bitters formula crafted with traditional bitters dandelion leaf and root, burdock root, lemon balm grown in our homestead gardens, organic lemon peel and a dash of local honey. This is a great citrus bitters for classic cocktails or taken straight up or in soda water before or after meals to support digestion and liver function.

Ingredients: 40% Alcohol, extracts of Dandelion **, Lemon Balm **, Lemon peel*, Burdock**, Yellow Dock**, Gentian *, Raw Honey.

*Certified Organic ** Wildcrafted

Add a dash of bitters (5-20 drops) to your favourite cocktail or in a bit of water before or after meals.