Stayner Vet Wormy Butternut Party Tray

Stayner Vet Wormy Butternut Party Tray

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FINISH: Hand rubbed oil/food safe

SPECIAL FEATURES: Butternut trees are a protected species in Ontario. Thus any product is rare and special. This is a slab from the trunk of a dead tree of 10 + yrs.

Water soaking, worm nfestation and mold growth has created a very unique patina in this wood. There is no differentiation between sap and heartwood. The is a uniform brown colouration and heavy longitudinal grain. The dark live edges with irregular pattern is unique to this species. This tray is a thin cut slab with end splines for contrast stability and class. This party tray has the shape of a LIGHT BULB....and has worm holes and knots as features.

CARE: Clean with a damp/soft cloth. This tray is made for serving food and goodies.

DO NOT CUT ON THIS TRAY!!!!!////This wood is very SOFT thus care must be taken not to damage the surface. Polish with Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish.