Stayner Vet Muskoka Submerged Hemlock Knot

Stayner Vet Muskoka Submerged Hemlock Knot

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SPECIAL FEATURES: This HEMLOCK tree died and submerged in swamp mud for decades. The only stable wood were the central knots on the trunk.

This knot is wing shaped. The grain is visible in the central region.

The wings have a unique linear striations, is balanced on each side. Candle cups were used and placed strategically. With the candles lit, the light reflects features of the wood. This can be used on a table or an accent piece.

CARE: Clean with a dry/soft cloth. Use a tooth brush to clean and polish the grooved areas. Polish with Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish. The candle cups are fitted for each hole---if removed replace in the same hole.

HEALTH/WELLNESS BENEFITS: see reverse side of this sheet.