Lib Tech Manna Tee Surf
Lib Tech Manna Tee Surf

Lib Tech Manna Tee Surf

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A versatile surf-inspired design that takes good times behind the boat and ramps them up to 11! Expand the ridable section of your wake to feel as big as the ocean. The Manna Tee’s smooth balanced curves and rocker lines are designed to be the perfect blend of speedy, stable, and loose so you can mix classic stylish trimming and nose rides with carves, slashes, and airs. A hard tucked edge tail gives you control and power. A soft catch-free entry rail and a slightly flipped nose fit perfectly into tight transitions making the difficult easy and the impossible possible. The 5’ 4” is perfect for smaller wakes or big guys. The new 5’0” size is made for more aggressive surfing and average to smaller-sized surfers.


Quad Wakesurf Fin Set

  • Two single foil lead fins - 4 1/4"
  • Two double foiled "nubb" trailing fins - 1 5/8"

    Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Range
    5’0” 20.0" 2.1" 24.9 cl 120-200 lbs
    5’4” 20.5" 2.2" 29.3 cl 160+ lbs