Muskoka Chair Accessories For You

Muskoka Chairs are great for the dock, relaxing in, reading in and just sitting outside and enjoying the sun in! The chair’s reclined and curved yoke is unmatched by other chairs and allows you to truly sink in while enjoying your weekend to its fullest!

Muskoka Chairs can also be great for inside places such as your screened-in porch. Since these Muskoka chairs are made of pine wood, they bring that rustic, but also comfortable aesthetic into your home. Here are some styling tips to make your Muskoka Chairs even better, inside or outside!

Here are our styling tips & tricks for you: 

1. Add blankets for extra comfort

To make your Muskoka Chair look cozy, a blanket is a great way to do it! You can throw the blanket over it, making it look spontaneous and casual, but in a lovely way. During cool summer nights or fall, it’s also a great way to keep yourself warm. 

Here at The Muskoka Store, we have great blankets for you! The Carstens Throws are warm, plushy, and comfortable, perfect for summer nights and winter days. The Rumpl Blankets, on the other hand, are better for camping. But they are a synthetic alternative to down is a breakthrough in insulation technology, making them lightweighted and cozy at the same time!

2. Add cushions for comfort & style

Cushions are perfect for Muskoka Chairs! Add cushions so that you can read comfortably for hours. Or match the colour of your cushions to your room to make your chair a stylish addition to your cottage.

Try out a Canada Moose Cushion from The Muskoka Store. It is a vibrant statement piece that will add life to your chair and its surrounding space. Reiterate your love for Canada with this entirely Canadian piece!

3. Paint your chair

Another way to make your Muskoka Chair belong to the room you are putting it in is by painting it! You can match the colours here too, but you can also be creative and paint flowers, stars, or other elements that you like! Painting allows you to express your personality and make your Muskoka Chair the only one in the world!

4. Style with fur (faux or real)

In a similar way to blankets, placing fur on your Muskoka Chair is a great way to add comfort. However, fur has a more elegant appearance than blankets and adds a rustic look to match nature and the trees around you! Please note: at The Muskoka Store, we love animals, so we prefer using faux fur, but we understand that everyone has different preferences, so do what feels natural for you. We don’t sell fur, but we do have cute fake Moose rugs from Carstens that make any room more playful and friendly—plus children love them!

We hope that you are able to style your Muskoka Chair to your liking. We value these chairs as a symbol of Muskoka and think that every Muskokan should own two or more. However, if you are looking for alternative outdoor chairs, please consider Bear Chairs from Kuma. Kuma makes many outdoor products, with the highest quality, that are comfortable, portable, and durable. Best of all, you can find Kuma chairs and products at The Muskoka Store too!

Here at The Muskoka Store, we have great goods for your cottage. Visit us at 2266 Highway 11 North, Gravenhurst, or access our website:

We will be happy to assist you when it comes to making your cottage feel like home.